ICRS: New Release “Astove”

Martin Gilly and Randolph Kepplinger, the two owners and managing directors of metamagix, stated, “ICRS has proven absolutely successful at a national and international level. Astove is a product that has been even further improved in response to customer requirements and based on recent years’ experience.”

While ICRS is becoming ever more efficient, metamagix makes sure to design navigation and operation to be as simple and intuitive as possible. The new dashboard function provides a quick overview (including trend graphs) and enables the user to choose from a number of specific portfolio data. Greater ease of input, such as text suggestions in selected fields, and additional filters for search functions also go in this direction. Improved query options as a result of additional operators allow the user to create even more detailed and meaningful reports. A separate feedback tool allows the user to report suggestions for improvement or problems, including screenshots, to metamagix in a single step, in an even simpler way. Such feedback will contribute to continuously developing ICRS; we are looking forward to your suggestions!

We will make available ICRS Astove to our customers free of charge.

Please click here to see screenshots of the new features.

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