ICRS: Using mobile phone data for location forecasts

Whether you own or manage a real estate portfolio that includes a shopping center, a restaurant, a hotel or an office campus, the question is what consequences the current crisis has on your portfolio. Or maybe you want to make an investment, but not without a location analysis?

If the answer is yes, you might be interested in the prototype of a potential new ICRS feature. In cooperation with a large Austrian mobile network operator, we can now determine the number of visitors to a given address using anonymised mobile network data. With this prototype feature, we can track how the number of visitors to a location changes over time. For an office campus, for example, all visits of 4+ hours during the day can be evaluated, for a hotel, we can track how many visitors stay there during the night and for businesses we can track the number of visitors who stay longer than 30 minutes.

As a later ICRS feature, this prototype can be quite useful both for the forecast of sales-based rent and for the early indication of potential downsizing of large tenants. It can also be used for location analysis for future business locations.

Please give us your feedback on this prototype and tell us what we should consider when developing it further.

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