Expo Real 2018

Our managing directors DI Martin Gilly and DI Randolph Kepplinger, MBA, have once again represented metamagix at Expo Real, with their own stand at the Austria Booth. As every year, the fair was well attended, the schedule full and the atmosphere was great. We are always looking forward to visit the largest B2B fair in the field of real estate in Munich every October and meet there the most important customers and players in the industry.

What we have seen is that the digitization of the real estate industry is becoming a greater and greater topic. With ICRS.mobile, we have also responded to the need for  a mobile version of our Real Estate Controlling & Reporting System – in addition to the versions for PC and iPad we now also have a version for the smartphone.

“We have noticed that mobility in the real estate sector is becoming increasingly important. The photo-documentation function further simplifies the process of inspections for our customers when on-site. “, explains Randolph Kepplinger and continues “Mobility was also frequently discussed at Expo Real. ”

Another keyword which has reached us from various sides was Smart Living. The world population is rising yet there is not more space than before – especially when considering that the urbanization is increasing and family sizes are smaller. This creates the current bottleneck on housing. Of course, Smart Living is the optimal solution. However, having more but smaller apartments also means more administration, management and control – here, ICRS optimally helps you maintain an overview of large and complex portfolios and unifies all the important information in one system.

“Topics such as digitization and smart living will continue to accompany us over the next few years. The development has just begun and we noticed from our customers that these topics are becoming increasingly important. Since the early 2010s, the buzzword “Proptech” has become indispensable “explains Martin Gilly.

The term Proptech (Property Technology) stands for all digital developments in the real estate industry and therefore stands under the sign of digitization. This includes introduction and optimization of procedures and processes using the latest information and communication technology – of course, with metamagix.ICRS we belong to the most important players in this field.

The life cycle of a property is no longer a foreign word in the industry. Every step of this cycle should be managed, evaluated and analyzed – ideally, of course, in one system. This is exactly where we have put more effort in last year to provide develop all relevant modules. “Today we can proudly say that we have developed a module for every step of the real estate life cycle and, we certainly will continue to develop even more modules and be ahead of real estate trends,” says Kepplinger.