ICRS Compared to Property Management and Data Warehouse Solutions

There is a number of other solutions for property management in the market; however, they might cause considerable inconvenience as they are limited to a particular industry or functionality. ICRS, on the other hand, provides the users with great usability and extendability within a central data hub system. The following table shows the comparison between ICRS and other existing solutions for property management.  

Existing Property Management SystemsClassic Data Warehouse Solutions
The option to switch property management software
Limited view on real estate
Read only view/data
EditingProperty management & asset management fields editableOnly asset management fields editableRead only
UsabilityOpen system that can easily be used as a data hubLimited to a specific solutionData exporting and updating are not user-friendly
ScalabilityEasy extension to include asset and portfolio management fields and dataIsolated solution depending on the property management softwareOnly data warehousing
ReportingStandardized and ad-hoc reporting
Excel with formulas possible
Standardized reporting
Not always the appropriate personnel resources for the topic of reporting
Excel with formulas possible
Standardized and ad-hoc reporting
Focus solely on reporting, not on processes and information (documents, vacancy management, etc.)
Excel without formulas