Easy Real Estate Management With ICRS

ICRS (Real Estate Controlling & Reporting System)

ICRS is a real estate management software that provides asset and portfolio managers with various modules designed to keep operational expenses and time to a minimum.

The real estate management system includes a core system, real estate planning and controlling module, discounted cashflow simulator, NPV calculator, construction costs tracker, sales forecast on current and planned processes, portfolio tracker, AIFMD risk management, property management solution and many more.

With 20 years of know-how in the field, we are reasonably confident about our out-of-the-box real estate solutions.

Rental management can also benefit from ICRS, the real estate business management software. One of the key functionalities, property management module, allows you to manage all your leasing and letting contracts such as creation of rent rolls, invoice run and operating bills.


In addition to that, the module provides the users with a familiar interface of standard accounting systems (SAP, BMD, Datev, or Oracle) to maximise the work efficiency. The rental management software can be implemented no matter how big your real estate portfolio is.

Real estate management tools for asset managers

The real strengths of ICRS manifest themselves in property asset management. The numerous portfolio tools of ICRS such as portfolio explorer, portfolio matrix, and market data module support you, asset managers, to visually plan, organise, analyse, and monitor all the data coming from your different real estate databases.


Moreover, the sales pipeline module enables you to manage your sales processes from investment planning to purchase.

Thanks to ICRS, all things mentioned above can be done in a single web-based system with a unique set of ad-hoc reporting suite that allows for transparency in reporting and controlling.

ICRS is not only for asset & property management but also broadly applicable to real estate development project management. ICRS development management module provides you with an all-in-one workspace to plan, control and monitor your real estate development projects in detail.

Additionally, data import from commonly used real estate development software such as ABK or Coor can be smoothly done.

In combination with ICRS planning & controlling module and cashflow simulator, all costs can be transferred and analysed in depth. Thus, the modules reach their full potential as investment management software.


Let ICRS do math and now you do insightful analysis!

ICRS can provide you with consolidation of all your data streams and available market data then immediately displays the overview of imported data on a dashboard, enables to export ad-hoc reports with the push of a button, thereby saving your time and costs for the data driven investment decisions.

Time is critical resource in fund management. If you don’t automate daily repetitive tasks, you will have to amortise other resources for the time wasted. – To be competitive in the market, you should pay special attention to daily operating activities such as planning, organising data, reporting and decision making.

ICRS for housing cooperatives

Analyses And Workflows For Your Portfolio

Simplify work processes

  • Reporting, based on your own property management data
  • Easy implementation of workflows, additional information and document management
  • Automated alerts

Manage pipelines efficiently

  • Object planning and actual vs target performance comparisions
  • Supports operative management

Set up detailed reports

  • Operative reporting
  • Reporting for committees and authorities

ICRS For Fund-Managers

ICRS Also Brings You Concrete Advantages

Discounted cash flow (DCF) report on a real estate portfolio
  • Aggregation and display of relevant operative information from property management and integration withexisting funds management software
  • Structured management of documentation and assessment processes
  • Pipeline-integration and structuring of acquisition and sales processes


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