Use Cases

There is no instant solution to many needs of companies. This is why we do not only adapt existing software solutions to our customers’ specific requirements but also develop completely new solutions. We take time to thoroughly get to know your business and your needs and are in a position to offer innovative and elegant solutions based on cooperation and partnership. 

metamagix programs business applications using web technologies. Our solutions are mainly in the areas of databases, web applications, data warehousing, business solutions, and system integration, relying on open-source frameworks and Java components. This way we can reduce costs, development times and project risks and ensure safe investment. The following sections show typical use cases of metamagix.ICRS in the field of a number of business areas.

Stock-listed Companies, Insurance Companies, Funds and REITs

Especially in asset and portfolio management for funds and real estate companies, challenges have increased steadily over the last few years. Moreover, the run on real estate investments leads to rapidly growing portfolios and raises the pressure on investment and performance expectations; simultaneously more stringent regulations and reporting requirements lead to more effort and costs in the back office. In such an environment, extensive asset and portfolio management software is an essential competitive advantage! metamagix.ICRS supports you with the simplification of your processes, lowering your costs and increasing your portfolio performance.



Corporate Real Estate Management (CREM)

With the fast-paced evolution of organizational practices, the management of real estate for business use has become relevant. This can be supported by metamagix.ICRS, which provides various customizable applications tailored to each company.



Real Estate Developers

In the development of real estate efficiencylean cost structure and good management of the credit lines are critical for the sustainability of the business. metamagix.ICRS can help you specifically with an industry solution that offers the out-of-the-box functionalities required for your successful business!



Risk Managers

With the fast-paced evolution of organizational practices, risk management has become relevant for real estate companies. This can be supported by metamagix.ICRS, which provides you with exactly those tools and reports that you need to achieve your goals.