Convenient Corporate Real Estate Management

Corporate Real Estate Management: the management of real estate for a corporation has special requirements, which are systematically supported by ICRS. 


ICRS helps you:

  • to reduce real estate costs
  • to increase space efficiency
  • to provide user-specific surfaces
  • to improve the transparency of properties and portfolios


ICRS provides you with exactly those tools and reports that you need to achieve your goals :

  •  Analysis, planning and actual/target monitoring of your portfolio
  •  Rental and lease management
  •  Reporting for management and controlling
  •  Purchase and sale of properties or portfolios
  •  Project development
  •  Yield analysis of real estate


metamagix.ICRS provides your corporate real estate management with the following modules and functionalities:

corporate real estate management functionality

  • ICRS core system for managing companies, objects, units, credits, insurances
  • Property Management for rentals, leases and  internal tenancies (profit center)
  • Area analysis by types of use and sub-use, vacancy-reporting
  • Document management with categorization and approval processes
  • Task management with the option for billable services
  • Invoice workflow for assigning bills to rental units and tenants
  • Import of accounting and construction cost data
  • Portraiture of objects and units under development
  • Workplace management of maximum and actual workplaces


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