ICRS: Remarkable Software for Real Estate Developers

Ridiculously Simple Real Estate Management Software to Invest

software for real estate developers

For real estate developers, efficiency, lean cost structure and good management of the credit lines are critical for the sustainability of the business. metamagix.ICRS can help you specifically with an industry solution that offers the out-of-the-box functionalities required for your successful real estate development!


The Major Benefits of metamagix.ICRS for Real Estate Developers

Major Benefits of metamagix.ICRS for Real Estate Developers

  • Unique central real estate platform bundles all information about your assets – from the purchase agreement to the details of the leases.
  • Automated consolidation of all data streams (rent rolls, property accounting, open items, etc.) of all your property management partners in different countries.
  • Project planning and target/actual comparison and detailed income planning based on DCF forecasts.
  • Standardized reports
    • Object reports
    • Exposés
    • Quote documents
  • Complete reporting-suite for operation and the evaluation of potential acquisitions & investments
  • Document management with releases
  • Compliance management


The Main Modules of metamagix.ICRS for Real Estate Developement