Increase Efficiency in Your Managing Style: Funds, Stock-listed Companies, Insurance Companies and REITs

Ridiculously Simple Real Estate Management Software to Invest

Portfolio Management

Especially in asset and portfolio management for funds and real estate companies, challenges have increased steadily over the last few years. Moreover, the run on real estate investments leads to rapidly growing portfolios and raises the pressure on investment and performance expectations; simultaneously more stringent regulations and reporting requirements lead to more effort and costs in the back office.


real estate management software for funds, reits, stock-listed companies and insurance companies

In such an environment, extensive asset and portfolio management software is an essential competitive advantage!

  • Can you get up-to-date portfolio reports, object overview reports and cashflow data right now? 
  • Can you answer investor questions by creating an ad hoc report?
  • Can you correct and manage data, images, documents in a web-based system? 

Yes, metamagix.ICRS supports you with the simplification of your processes, lowering your costs and increasing your portfolio performance.


The Major Benefits of metamagix.ICRS for Real Estate Investment Companies

asset management

  • Unique central real estate platform bundles all information about your assets – from the purchase agreement to the details of the leases.
  • Automated consolidation of all data streams (rent rolls, property accounting, open items, etc.) of all your property management partners in different countries. 
  • Support for your operational management
    • Vacancy management
    • Rental business
  • Complete reporting-suite for operation and authorities.
  • Project planning and target/actual comparison and detailed income planning based on DCF forecasts.
  • Support and simplify your processes
    • Transaction
    • Budgeting
    • Investment planning
    • Sales
  • Compliance management
    • Risk monitoring
    • AIFMD-compliance                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

The Main Modules of metamagix.ICRS for Real Estate Companies