Real Estate Risk Management Software for Professional Risk Managers

Ridiculously Simple Real Estate Management Software to Invest 

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With the fast-paced evolution of organizational practices, risk management has become relevant for real estate companies. This can be supported by metamagix.ICRS, which provides various customizable applications tailored to each company.


The Prime Function of metamagix.ICRS for Risk Managers

risk management

ICRS provides you with exactly those tools and reports that you need to achieve your goals

  • Analysis, planning and actual vs target monitoring of your portfolio
  • Operative reporting for committees and authorities
  • Reporting for management and controlling
  • Comprehensive reporting structured by branches and risk groups
  • Joining credit- and area- information to analyze risks and credit exposure
  • Rating and scoring system with the integration of external data sources
  • Compliance management


The Main Modules of metamagix.ICRS for Risk Managers