Dyrektor Zarządzający DI Martin Gilly po raz drugi z rzędu zdobywa tytuł najlepszego prognostyka

The MSCI is an independent provider of various research-oriented results and insights for institutional investors. The MSCI has a broad range of risk and performance measurements and expertise which has been built over more than 40 years of meticulous academic research and hands-on experience in close collaborations with clients.

The Austrian Real Estate Index has been collected for 13 years and forms the basis for the comparability of real estate investments together with other asset classes, thus underpinning the public importance that the real estate industry has due to its economic volume.

At the Austrian Real Estate Index Launch Event of the MSCI on April 3rd, 2019 not only the new index was presented but also the best prognosticator. The index is the result of 2018. Each year, participants estimate the real estate index for the current calendar year and in the following year, the person with the right estimation is celebrated as the winner.

Based on his numerous years of experience in the industry, our managing director, Martin Gilly, has given the right tip for the second time in a row and was, therefore, able to defend his title.


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