ICRS Active Directory Integration and SSO (Single Sign On)

  • pairs metamagix.ICRS with your inhouse Microsoft Active Directory
  • automated user creation and blocking as well as SSO
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This module links your metamagix.ICRS system with your Microsoft Active Directory environment and enables you to use the following functions:

  • single-sign-on for the user – the user does not have to enter a password for ICRS
  • setting up and close off user accounts directly via the Active Directory
  • control of defined group licenses via Active Directory
  • additional possibilities to set up and edit users as well as groups locally in ICRS
  • maintenance free after first establishment, new groups can be generated in Active Directory and correspond with syntax


  • direct access from the ICRS server to the Active Directory
  • set up of the access through ICRS in Active Directory
  • SSO Windows-users (Windows 7 or higher) need to be registered in Active Directory and need a compatible browser (e.g. Internet Explorer or any other browser with an Active Directory plugin)

The module always needs to be implemented for the Active Directory environment.