ICRS Market Data Module

  • Integrates various market data into the ICRS database and allows linking in reports
  • Provides data to other modules – e.g. for automatic location rating or market rental setup


This module integrates different sets of market data with the ICRS database and enables the connection to individual reports. Market Data Module can be linked with geographical codes (Nuts Code or country, postal code) and combined with period, property utilization or deadline. The connection to the property works through geographical identification in the ICRS system.

The Market Data Module enables the import and export in a standardized Excel list or the automatic takeover of market data that you have access to via dynamic data source. Other import dimensions can be implemented additionally.

A typical standard structure is:

  • Name of the figure/market data value
  • Category of the figure
  • Deadline
  • Period of time
  • Postal code
  • Country
  • Nutscode
  • Object utilization
  • Value

All market data can be integrated into reports, used for automatic scoring or transferred in a clustered form to other systems. You can also see the history and market data for your objects.