ICRS Planning & Controlling Module

  • Complete planning environment including result monitoring for the managed real estate portfolio
  • Enables target/ actual comparisons as well as a profit and loss statement directly from ICRS
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The ICRS Planning & Controlling Module enables you to import, aggregate and evaluates lists of balances or single tickets from several accounting systems.

The imported accounting system data (more than one is possible) can be matched with different properties.

When transferring data into ICRS, flexible and user-configurable mappings allow all different charts of accounts to be easily merged into a single framework. This uniformed framework allows the presentation from the owner’s perspective. This allows ICRS to standardize a wide variety of charts of accounts to a central model without the need to adapt the source systems

The dynamic import logic identifies new accounts automatically and enables users to link them easily during the import process. This allows a continuous process without intervention by metamagix.

Creation of actual and budgeted balance sheets, income statements as well as various analyses and reports. ICRS offers you the possibility to adapt and expand plans via a dynamic planning surface. Furthermore, you are able to create and present different planning scenarios. On the basis of the actual data or on basis of the DCF module data can be edited and finalized. (incl. record and comment function).

ICRS allows you to generate a wide range of analyses (e-g income statement) directly out of the platform.

In addition, a comparison of the accounting data and rent roll is possible.

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