ICRS Purchase Pipeline

  • Integration of purchase processing in ICRS for seamless
  • Detailed planning, monitoring and analysis of purchases
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This module enables you to plan, control and document your purchase pipeline in ICRS.

The Purchase Pipeline module is integrated directly in your ICRS and therefore enhances the start of detailed planning of the purchase pipeline. Next to the documentation of approvals you can also set and monitor milestones as well as track cash flows.

The processes themselves can be scheduled. In addition, the documentation of brokers, completion probabilities, approvals as well as phases of offers is made possible. Milestones can be used to prepare and monitor important steps in detail and to plan cash flows. A detailed report allows analyzing the success of completed sales as well as a preview of current and planned phases.

Core functions:

  • tracking of all offers
  • automatic generation of properties in ICRS from available data (e.g. rent rolls)
  • documentation and analysis of business partners and properties
  • depot for all Due Diligence documents
  • recording of all offer figures
  • evaluation of finished processes, forecasts for ongoing and planned processes
  • integration with the planning module for easy comparison of the business plan with the actual performance