ICRS Scoring & Rating

  • Flexible, qualitative property evaluation with free definition of scoring models
  • Can be combined with market data module
  • Provides historization and extensive analysis capabilities


  • Scoring Module

    The ICRS Scoring module enables you to define your own scoring models (criteria and groups of criteria, variable weighting of criteria for different property classes) to evaluate the real estate portfolio. Scorings can be saved historically and their development can be analyzed. Moreover, scores can be gathered via a web interface or edited in Excel and be imported afterward. Within the reporting, you can also combine the scorings with all other figures.

    Scoring reports in Excel can be edited or imported in ICRS at a later stage from consultants or evaluators without specific access. New ratings are automatically saved as new evaluations in the system.

  • Rating Module

    The ICRS Rating module is available in different versions: Either in the TeGoVa-standard (www.tegova.org), or adapted to individual criteria which fit the model of the company.

    In combination with the Market Data module, the system is able to rate all parts with information about the market automatically.