Partnership with blue auditor – portfolio management and ESG management solutions for the commercial real estate market

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with blue auditor – provider of a management tool for sustainability in buildings and real estate portfolios. This collaboration opens up exciting opportunities for both organizations as we work together to create exceptional value for our customers.

blue auditor’s ESG management tool for real estate assets and portfolios provides holistic and overall performance monitoring and improvements for ESG management, most importantly EU Taxonomy, CO2 stranding assessments, climate risk analysis, green building certification and various ESG reporting.

blue auditor and metamagix created an API interface to streamline the exchange of ESG-relevant data.

“We are happy that our customers can now benefit from the seamless integration of their portfolio data and ICRS capabilities with the ESG expertise available on blue auditor”, says Martin Gilly, Managing Partner metamagix.

This brings several advantages to both metamagix´s and blue auditor´s clients: Leveraging the data of real estate portfolios held in ICRS can be sent to blue auditor with the click of a button. Once analyzed, selected ESG-related KPIs can be reported back to to megamagix´s platform where the data can be directly integrated in operational processes, reporting and planning.

Wolfgang Lukaschek, Managing Director blue auditor, added: “Integrating metamagix and blue auditor provides the best of both the portfolio management and ESG management solutions to the commercial real estate market.”

We look forward to offering the market the possibility to seamlessly integrate data for sophisticated real estate management and provides real value to our users.

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