Hutchison Drei Austria GmbH

Austria’s mobile communications market is considered one of the most competitive ones in the world. Accordingly, the tools used by operators must be efficient, and decisions must be implemented fast.
When Hutchison Drei Austria GmbH took over Orange, the question was how to most efficiently manage the real estate contracts and core infrastructure of the two companies. We were facing challenges such as different software solutions in real estate management and accounting, in addition to vast differences in business transactions, because lease or license agreements may include almost everything from permitting the use of a property for one of the thousands of cell towers and shared use of technical infrastructure to branch offices. A mobile network operator often has several contractors at one location, with varying terms, indices, modes of payment and termination conditions, and all these factors had to be coordinated.
We were required to implement a standardized asset management solution within three months that covered all these aspects—a challenge that we were looking forward to and that we successfully met.

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