Innovation and integration by metamagix

capture the whole life cycle of real estate

“We see ICRS as a real estate life-cycle platform”, explains Martin Gilly, managing partner of metamagix, “and the new functions of our real estate management system bring us a big step closer to our goal.” From the acquisition to the exit, from the first letter of intent to the handover in the active portfolio, from daily asset management to the sale of the property: with ICRS it is possible to capture the whole life cycle of the real estate. This supports the individual teams in their daily work because they work together in only one system. “Each department benefits directly from the fact that their processes are structured in ICRS – but when the handover from investment management to asset management is done with just one click, this adds a significant value to the corporation,” states Gilly.

Tento ICRS acquisition module makes the vision of deep integration visible – that a real estate goes through different departments during its life cycle: the module structures the acquisition process as well as documents and tracks the milestones. At the same time, the module provides the data, documents and approvals for the next department, asset management. The modules “Sales Pipeline” and “Development Management” bring also these processes to ICRS and thereby create an integrative platform for the real estate business which holds not only the whole portfolio data, standing and pipeline but also all processes and their documentation.

To guarantee smooth transactions a smart handling of documents is necessary. A central feature is the multi-upload which is combined with a drag and drop function so it can save several pictures and documents to one object and unit within the system in one step. In addition, the data can be processed automatically via this function: rent rolls or accounting data are loaded directly by dropping them into a list in the system.

Tento intelligent search function that ICRS offers is state-of-the art: with this service it is possible to search personal data independent of spelling. This is especially useful when searching addresses because the local spellings are often different internationally and all the systems processes benefit from the optimized matching.

Furthermore, the problem of the different spellings of company names (e.g. “A.B. GesmbH” for “A. Bau GmbH”) is also solved with this module. Last but not least, the intelligent search facilitates data transfer from one alphabet to another (additional character, Cyrillic to Latin,…), e.g. for names. “ICRS is running in all of Europe.”, says Gilly.

“A challenge in the enhancement of ICRS in the direction of deeper integration is usability. It is important for our users to keep the handling easy and the processes transparent.” Gilly sums up. Conseqeuently, metamagix also focuses more and more on mobile access to the system. “For us it is important to offer our clients an easier daily work life with In our fast-living society, a mobile version provides a substantial benefit for our users.”, Gilly is pleased to say. The mobile version of the system is currently in the beta phase – watch out for more on this topic in our next newsletter.

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