Nová implementace ICRS ve společnosti Wohnraum AG

The metamagix team set up, adapted and put ICRS into operation for Wohnraum AG, based in Kempten, Germany. Wohnraum AG buys, modernizes and manages residential real estate and invests in small and medium-sized towns and their surrounding areas. The focus is on existing properties in particular.

The introduction of ICRS at Wohnraum AG started last year and went live at the beginning of February 2022. The particularly good cooperation allowed for a relatively short project lead time. With the core module of ICRS Wohnraum AG has automated the entire data flow from the external and the new internal property management, directly to Wohnraum AG.

In addition to that, the Wohnraum AG team has opted for two more ICRS modules that will make forecasting, planning and controlling of the real estate portfolio easier in the future: the Planning & Controlling module and the Cash Flow module.

Martin Gilly, Managing Director of metamagix, reports: “The project cooperation with Wohnraum was perfect for us – in addition to the highly professional project implementation and the great teamwork, we particularly appreciated the friendly working atmosphere.”

Lisa Bek, Board Member of Wohnraum AG reports: “We were basically looking for a real estate asset management tool that would give us a quick and easy overview of our various residential portfolios. We found metamagix as a company & ICRS as a system and were immediately enthusiastic about it. Why? Because the software can do so much more than we initially wanted. Really amazing! In addition to the diverse and highly professional modules from ICRS, we are also happy about a great partnership with the motivated minds at metamagix. Here in the Allgäu one would say ‘‘It just fits‘‘. That is why we can warmly recommend both the team behind the company as well as the software.”

Thank you for the praise, dear Wohnraum AG team!

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