Our company anniversary: metamagix turned 20 + 1

Finally! metamagix celebrated its 20th company anniversary with a 1 year delay. At the beginning of June this year, metamagix invited its customers, partners, companions and the entire team to the Viennese Augarten to raise the glasses to 20+ years together and to review these years.

During the interactive company quiz it was noticed that there was no agreement in relation to how many offices metamagix has had in its history. No agreement was reached to whether the room in Randolph Kepplinger and Martin Gillys’ shared flat at the time they got into entrepreneurship after graduating from the Technical University of Vienna, was to be added to the list or not. In any case, the quiz, the exclusive tour of the Viennese Augarten Porcelain Manufactory and the long-awaited reunion at dinner with birthday cake were fun for everyone.

If you are in Vienna in autumn, you are very welcome to visit us in our 5th (or 6th) office in the Kienmayergasse. You can make a personal appointment with us here. If during our anniversary you were not able to enjoy the historic Viennese Augarten Porcelain Manufactory – there are guided tours that allow you to look behind the scenes (https://www.augarten.com/en/content/besucherinfos.html).

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