Integration of ICRS into SAP

The perfect complement to SAP

metamagix.ICRS can be coupled easily and better than any other system with any property management and ERP system on the market. Seamlessly integrated with SAP, ICRS provides you with exactly those features for real estate investors in asset management and portfolio control that SAP does not offer.

How does ICRS work with SAP?

  • Direct transfer of all data from SAP RE-FX and SAP FI/CO/ANBU
  • Accurate data validation and detailed analysis as well as reporting on all changes
  • Use of the full functional scope of ICRS with all desired modules
  • Integration of detailed bottom-up planning from ICRS into corporate planning with SAP BPC
  • Target/actual comparison based on ICRS plan data and actual data from SAP

How does metamagix.ICRS in combination with SAP complement for you:

  • The asset and portfolio management functionalities for SAP
  • Maintenance record of all relevant portfolio information that cannot be stored in SAP
  • Complete, automated object planning and target/actual comparison with SAP FI/CO and SAP BPC
  • Easy-to-use and comprehensive real estate ad-hoc reporting
  • Easy and fast customizing to company-specific requirements
  • Integration of real estate workflows such as vacancy and transaction management, scoring, To-dos and notifications
  • A wide range of add-on modules for your real estate business

metamagix.ICRS Modules for SAP Integration