Transaction Management

Transaction Management

ICRS Sales Pipeline

  • Plan, control and document your sales processes directly in your portfolio management system
  • Receive detailed reports on the success of completed sales and the forecast of ongoing and planned processes

ICRS Purchase Pipeline

  • Detailed planning, monitoring and analysis of purchases
  • Integration of purchase processing in ICRS for a seamless hand-over to inventory
  • Due diligence mapping

With the Sales and Purchase Pipeline modules, you control and document transaction processes directly in ICRS.

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Transaction Management

metamagix.ICRS Transaction Management consists of the ICRS Sales Pipeline and the ICRS Purchase Pipeline.

This allows you to control and document purchase and sales processes directly in your portfolio management system.


1. Sales Pipeline

Key Features:

  • Applicable on object level or on unit level
  • Documentation and analysis of contact persons and submitted purchase offers
  • Tracking of current status and planned timelines as well as payment flows
  • Evaluation of completed sales processes
  • Forecasts of current and planned sales processes
  • Integration with planning


Additional Features:

  • Start sales processes for whole objects or units with one click
  • Core data for the object or unit are automatically populated
  • Current and historical processes are visible directly in the object or unit on a separate tab
  • Enables time-based process planning
  • Documents broker, closing probabilities, approvals, and offer phases 
  • Monitors milestones for detailed planning and monitoring of important steps and payment flows 
  • A detailed report allows analysis of the success of closed sales as well as a preview of ongoing and planned processes


2. Purchase Pipeline

The ICRS Purchase Pipeline enables you to plan, control and document purchase processes. The module documents approvals and files and records milestones and payments. Thus, the object is embedded in the metamagix.ICRS structure as early as the development or transaction phase and can be managed there for its complete lifespan.

Key Features:

  • Tracking of all offers
  • Automated creation of objects from interest and debit lists
  • Documentation and analysis of business partners and properties
  • Filing of all due diligence documents
  • Recording of all key offer figures 
  • Evaluation of completed processes as well as forecasts of ongoing and planned processes

With this module, the operational planning of purchases in the transaction phase is carried out directly in the system, just as with standing investments. This facilitates the handover to pre-sales and asset management. It is possible to store the acquisition calculation and yield assumptions and compare them later with the actual management results.

The DCF module allows you to create automated business plans during the acquisition process, which can be transferred directly to asset management with ICRS.

Integrate the Planning module and compare the business plan with the actual performance

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