Document Management

Document Management

  • Store your documents directly with your portfolio
  • Can also be integrated with existing DMS
  • Allows tagging and full text search
  • Integrates existing document management systems
  • Clearance workflows for documents such as exposés or contracts

Seamlessly integrates a complete document management system into the ICRS interface.

Find your documents where it’s logical

  • Allows all real estate related documents to be filed directly in ICRS and fully integrates into the ICRS interface, including tagging and full-text search
  • Any number of documents (contracts, plans, etc.) can be filed directly with company, property, unit, contract and all other information managed in ICRS
  • Allows searches across all documents – from individual search terms and fuzzy search to full text search
  • Documents (such as investment applications or invoice verifications) can be easily integrated into workflows and with all other modules
  • Individual, multi-level clearance procedures can be set up via ICRS
  • Allows the seamless integration of existing document management systems into the ICRS interface (functionality depends on the connected system)
  • Fits perfectly with any ICRS system

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