ICRS Development Management

  • Plan, control and monitor your development projects in detail
  • Full transparency through the connection of the construction management software e.g. Coor or ABK
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Planning, controlling and monitoring of your projects in real estate development can be done in ICRS – no matter if you have new facilities or if you use the module for your existing ones.

ICRS does not integrate a full construction costs-software or -accounting system but offers all functions that you need to monitor a project. Data of different construction costs systems can be implemented in ICRS and reported with all lease and sales data. Furthermore, you can document specific standards.

If you use the DCF or Planning & Controlling module you can transfer all costs out of this module into the planning and CF forecast.


Functionalities for Real Estate Development Management:

  • Directly integrated into the system
  • Monitoring of the budgets, current situation per factory (down payment) prediction
  • Cost and earnings planning in one system
  • Integration with the DCF module for detailed automated planning 
  • Easy import of construction management systems like ABK or Core (Development Management)