metamagix.ICRS Core

  • Basis Asset Management Lösung mit allen wichtigen Funktionen wie Datenimport, Datenbank und Webinterface, Basisreports, Ad hoc Reporting und Dokumentenmanagement
  • Serverlizenz zum Betrieb in house oder in der cloud


The ICRS core system is the foundation of your ICRS-solution. It contains all main functions, interfaces and analytical tools for your asset management.

The ICRS Core System includes the following functions:

  • a flexible web surface which can be user-adapted
  • a dashboard system whose surface can be arranged according to your preferences
  • an ICRS-surface with embedded analysis (dashboards)
  • Google Maps connection for geographical analysis and heatmaps
  • an adjustable data model for the portfolio which depicts property, tenants as well as units and the corporate structure itself
    • illustration of the financial status at an object and an unit level
    • depiction of insurance reports at a property level
    • recording and tracking of investments at a property level
    • documentation of properties
    • recording of properties in the development pipeline as well as documentation of projects of interest
  • Excel-based standard reports for operative reporting
  • ad hoc reporting module for flexible and dynamic analysis in Excel