New implementation of ICRS at Wohnraum AG

The metamagix team set up, adapted and put ICRS into operation for Wohnraum AG, based in Kempten, Germany. Wohnraum AG buys, modernizes and manages residential real estate and invests in small and medium-sized towns and their surrounding areas. The focus is on existing properties in particular. The introduction of ICRS at Wohnraum AG started last […]

Trouble-free connection of your software to ICRS with REST APIs

Do you already know what REST APIs are? Then you will probably be happy to hear that metamagix.ICRS supports them. We believe that configurable REST APIs are quite important to enterprise software and workflows, so we enable them for ICRS. If you plan to integrate ICRS into your existing IT environment, this can easily be […]

Our company anniversary: ​​metamagix turned 20 + 1

Finally! metamagix celebrated its 20th company anniversary with a 1 year delay. At the beginning of June this year, metamagix invited its customers, partners, companions and the entire team to the Viennese Augarten to raise the glasses to 20+ years together and to review these years. During the interactive company quiz it was noticed that […]

Arealis relies on ICRS for efficient asset management

Arealis relies on ICRS for efficient asset management Arealis is one of the largest real estate service providers in Austria. Arealis also takes on the asset management for its institutional clients. The properties are spread across Austria and several CEE countries are individually managed by a total of 20+ different property managers which makes the task […]

IGEL x ICRS: Automatic synchronization for early detection and transparency

Are you an IGEL user? IGEL property management software is now connected to ICRS. This year, we developed the ICRS Badger, an interface that allows you to import new data or changes in data from IGEL into ICRS quickly, easily and without complications – for an automatic and daily synchronization that facilitates your portfolio management.  […]

Facilitate your daily work with ICRS alerts and warnings

If you are already working with ICRS, we would like to introduce you to alarms and their administration. With this module, you can define KPIs and thresholds, which then trigger alerts when they are exceeded or not reached in a timely manner. These messages can also be sent automatically to target groups you defined. This […]

Coordinating and budgeting the construction of a brand-new district with ICRS

aspern The Urban Lakeside of Vienna, located in the north-east of the Austrian capital, is one of the largest and most ambitious city development projects in Europe. The project, which won the Austrian State Prize for Architecture and Sustainability in 2019, aims to create housing and living space for more than 25,000 people. In addition, around […]

ICRS: Using mobile phone data for location forecasts

Whether you own or manage a real estate portfolio that includes a shopping center, a restaurant, a hotel or an office campus, the question is what consequences the current crisis has on your portfolio. Or maybe you want to make an investment, but not without a location analysis? If the answer is yes, you might […]

Coco, Ayse and Mercedes – untamed

Those who know Ayse and Mercedes also know that they are dealing with two determined, strong developers. They are women in technology and their paths are very similar. One thing is especially important to Mercedes: “I am a fashion-conscious programmer who likes to mix up traditional gender roles, as Coco Chanel did in fashion design […]

We are hiring ! metamagix is looking for reinforcement for development and project management

We continue to grow and enlarge our team. Take the chance to further develop the leading asset and portfolio management solution together with us! We are looking for new employees in the following areas Java backend development / database Javascript / frontend development Project management and customer support Click the link to see job offers

Erste Group, 6 Monate, 6 Sprints: on time & on budget

Together with Erste Group, the metamagix team has implemented an ICRS-based special project in the area of ​​risk management. The goal of the ICRS expansion is the presentation of financing and object data for risk management with self-service features. The challenge in this project was the data collection and data import, due to the complex […]

New ICRS features: we’ve listened to your feedback

Small, but significant, very popular or just practical: these are just some of the new ICRS feature attributes. We considered giving them sounding names, and then opted for the minimalist version: the “just describe what it is” features. Read more about our selection: Show the sum of marked fields in the grid Easier upload of […]

Best of Web Conferencing Tools: Mikogo, Jitsi and Adobe Connect

Our team has tested an array of web conferencing tools last year, a self-motivated side project and experience gathering that a) comes in handy right now and b) we thought it might be useful for you as well. So, here are our top 3: Our winner and therefore warmest recommendation is Mikogo. It is similar […]

Managing Director DI Martin Gilly wins for the second time in a row best forecaster

The MSCI is an independent provider of various research-oriented results and insights for institutional investors. The MSCI has a broad range of risk and performance measurements and expertise which has been built over more than 40 years of meticulous academic research and hands-on experience in close collaborations with clients. The Austrian Real Estate Index has […]

ICRS for the LLB Immo KAG

LLB Immo an investment trust company, a subsidiary of Liechtensteinische Landesbank (Austria) AG, deals with the condition and administration of real estate funds under the Real Estate Investment Fund Act (ImmoInvFG) and the Alternative Investment Fund Manager Act (AIFMG) and manages real estate assets of around 850 million euros (as of May 2019). “Our growth […]

ICRS also Successful in Germany

Since June 2018 the Munich-based company Domicil Real Estate Group has been using metamagix.ICRS. The medium-sized investment and services company is in the Investment Management segment in the residential and commercial asset classes. The Domicil Real Estate Group deals with research, acquisition, financing and structuring of investment-vehicles, portfolios and asset management as well as property […] – Your portfolio in your pocket

Business travels, meetings, home office … nowadays it is no longer common for us to spend our working day at the office. This is why it is becoming more and more important to be able to access the most important programs and data while on the road. This is exactly why metamagix followed its vision […]

Innovation and integration by metamagix

capture the whole life cycle of real estate “We see ICRS as a real estate life-cycle platform”, explains Martin Gilly, managing partner of metamagix, “and the new functions of our real estate management system bring us a big step closer to our goal.” From the acquisition to the exit, from the first letter of intent to […]


Most important facts to know for the real estate sector On 25th of May 2018 essential changes are coming for all companies that are processing personal data. For example, corporations who recording data of suppliers, customers, sending newsletters, and so on are directly affected. In fact it is relevant to all companies – especially in the […]

One click to the strategy

“The derivation of standard strategies for real estate based on the standardized market-attractiveness competitive-advantage-matrix according to the Boston Consulting Group which offers a great tool for a supportive one-click strategy analysis for the modern portfolio manager,” describes Lasse Cziesla of the portfolio and risk management of the Federal Real Estate Agency BIG the common tool […]

Data matching with Fuzzy Logic

Many users of ICRS (Real Estate Controlling & Reporting System) regularly receive monthly rental lists. One problem: since the information is fed from different data sources, it is often unclear, for example, when the name of a tenant is once registered as “Alpha Beta GmbH” and once as “AB GmbH”. This can prevent the tenant […]

ICRS for one of Austria’s largest real estate holdings

ARE is wholly owned by Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft (BIG; federal real estate company) of the Republic of Austria and manages a portfolio of hundreds of marketable office, commercial and development properties. Professional software for strategic portfolio and asset management is essential, especially for Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft m.b.H., one of the largest real estate owners, which has approximately 2,200 properties […]

ICRS: New Release “Astove”

Martin Gilly and Randolph Kepplinger, the two owners and managing directors of metamagix, stated, “ICRS has proven absolutely successful at a national and international level. Astove is a product that has been even further improved in response to customer requirements and based on recent years’ experience.” While ICRS is becoming ever more efficient, metamagix makes […]

Private: metamagix is doing research on a “digital bulletin board”

So far, digitization and networking have played a minor role in information systems in residential and commercial properties. The “Infos@ourHouse” research project provides a promising, sustainable perspective: Interactive, gesture-controlled multimedia info displays.     Especially real estate management companies can considerably benefit from it. Information needs can be satisfied more quickly and reliably, at lower […]

Cross-border use of ICRS in Europe

ICRS, our real estate controlling and reporting system, can beat its competitors in EU-wide tenders and is already in use in several European countries. One of our international customers uses ICRS in a total of eight CEE countries. What is so special about the scenario is that the subsidiaries of the company in these countries […]

metamagix.ICRS has won an EU-wide tender from ARE

An outstanding success for metamagix: Our ICRS real estate controlling and reporting system has secured metamagix a contract with Austrian Real Estate (ARE). ARE is wholly owned by Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft (BIG; federal real estate company) of the Republic of Austria and is one of Austria’s largest real estate owners. As of December 31, 2014, it managed […]

Erste Ingatlan Kft. setzt auf Aldabra!

The system is perfectly prepared for use in banking applications, and the desired adjustments were promptly made. Erste Ingatlan uses ICRS to exploit a workout portfolio, which is a real estate portfolio consisting of residential properties and commercial properties held for sale, using the ICRS Sales Pipeline module that allows the company to easily control […]

Hutchison Drei Austria GmbH

Austria’s mobile communications market is considered one of the most competitive ones in the world. Accordingly, the tools used by operators must be efficient, and decisions must be implemented fast. When Hutchison Drei Austria GmbH took over Orange, the question was how to most efficiently manage the real estate contracts and core infrastructure of the […]

National Quality Certificate for Residential and Nursing Homes in Austria (NQZ)

metamagix is fully committed to simplifying processes and providing fast implementation. On behalf of the Federal Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection, metamagix is implementing the workflow tool for the certification of residential and nursing homes pursuant to sec. 20a of the Austrian “Bundes-Seniorengesetz” (Federal Senior Citizens Act), which illustrates the excellent and […]

metamagix.ICRS for Styria Media Group AG

Another new customer, the Styria Media Group AG media group, headquartered in Graz, uses ICRS for controlling its owner-occupied corporate real estate throughout Austria. In addition to the ICRS basic module with CRM extension, Styria Media Group AG needed its own module to create invoices to internal and external tenants and for operating cost statements, […]