Innovation and integration by metamagix

23. April 2018

Managing your real estate portfolios through ICRS allows you to capture the whole life cycle and to link all teams working with the portfolio on one central platform. “Read more …”

We are hiring

27. December 2017

We are hiring and therefore looking for new java software developers. If you are interested please visit the corresponding page at Jobs – Tell us the best way using Java and Tomcat ….

One click to the strategy

6. December 2016

A tool, which is convenient for the analysis of large portfolios, is the ICRS matrix-analysis. It can quickly derive strategies according to the BCG-matrix.

Data matching with Fuzzy Logic

6. December 2016

Thanks to data matching with Fuzzy Logic, ICRS solves more problems independently without manual user interaction.

ICRS: New Release “Astove”

3. May 2016

Astove, the new release of the metamagix.ICRS real estate and asset management system, makes the system even more efficient and flexible.

Cross-border use of ICRS in Europe

29. June 2015

ICRS, our real estate controlling and reporting system, can beat its competitors in EU-wide tenders and is already in use in several European countries.