New implementation of ICRS at Wohnraum AG

8. September 2022

The metamagix team set up, adapted and put ICRS into operation for Wohnraum AG, based in Kempten, Germany. Wohnraum AG buys, modernizes and manages residential real estate and invests in small and medium-sized towns and their surrounding areas. The focus is on existing properties in particular. The introduction of ICRS at Wohnraum AG started last […]

Trouble-free connection of your software to ICRS with REST APIs

8. September 2022

Do you already know what REST APIs are? Then you will probably be happy to hear that metamagix.ICRS supports them. We believe that configurable REST APIs are quite important to enterprise software and workflows, so we enable them for ICRS. If you plan to integrate ICRS into your existing IT environment, this can easily be […]

Our company anniversary: ​​metamagix turned 20 + 1

8. September 2022

Finally! metamagix celebrated its 20th company anniversary with a 1 year delay. At the beginning of June this year, metamagix invited its customers, partners, companions and the entire team to the Viennese Augarten to raise the glasses to 20+ years together and to review these years. During the interactive company quiz it was noticed that […]

Arealis relies on ICRS for efficient asset management

18. October 2021

Arealis relies on ICRS for efficient asset management Arealis is one of the largest real estate service providers in Austria. Arealis also takes on the asset management for its institutional clients. The properties are spread across Austria and several CEE countries are individually managed by a total of 20+ different property managers which makes the […]

Facilitate your daily work with ICRS alerts and warnings

18. October 2021

  If you are already working with ICRS, we would like to introduce you to alarms and their administration. With this module, you can define KPIs and thresholds, which then trigger alerts when they are exceeded or not reached in a timely manner. These messages can also be sent automatically to target groups you defined. […]

IGEL x ICRS: Automatic synchronization for early detection and transparency

18. October 2021

Are you an IGEL user? IGEL property management software is now connected to ICRS. This year, we developed the ICRS Badger, an interface that allows you to import new data or changes in data from IGEL into ICRS quickly, easily and without complications – for an automatic and daily synchronization that facilitates your portfolio management.  […]

ICRS: Using mobile phone data for location forecasts

16. November 2020

Whether you own or manage a real estate portfolio that includes a shopping center, a restaurant, a hotel or an office campus, the question is what consequences the current crisis has on your portfolio.

Erste Group, 6 months, 6 sprints: on-time & on budget

8. April 2020

Together with Erste Group, the metamagix team has implemented an ICRS-based special project in the area of ​​risk management. The goal of the ICRS expansion is the presentation of financing and object data for risk management with self-service features. The challenge in this project was the data collection and data import, due to the complex […]

New ICRS features: we’ve listened to your feedback

8. April 2020

Small, but significant, very popular or just practical: these are just some of the new ICRS feature attributes. We considered giving them sounding names and then opted for the minimalist version: the “just describe what it is” features. Read more about our selection: Show sum of marked fields in the grid Easier upload of accounting […]

Best of Web Conferencing Tools: Mikogo, Jitsi and Adobe Connect

8. April 2020

Our team has tested an array of web conferencing tools last year, a self-motivated side project and experience gathering that a) comes in handy right now and b) we thought it might be useful for you as well. So, here are our top 3: Our winner and therefore warmest recommendation is Mikogo. It is similar […]

ICRS for the LLB Immo KAG

14. March 2019

LLB Immo an investment trust company, a subsidiary of Liechtensteinische Landesbank (Austria) AG, deals with the condition and administration of real estate funds under the Real Estate Investment Fund Act (ImmoInvFG)

Innovation and integration by metamagix

23. April 2018

Managing your real estate portfolios through ICRS allows you to capture the whole life cycle and to link all teams working with the portfolio on one central platform. “Read more …”

We are hiring

27. December 2017

We are hiring and therefore looking for new java software developers. If you are interested please visit the corresponding page at Jobs – Tell us the best way using Java and Tomcat ….

One click to the strategy

6. December 2016

A tool, which is convenient for the analysis of large portfolios, is the ICRS matrix-analysis. It can quickly derive strategies according to the BCG-matrix.

Data matching with Fuzzy Logic

6. December 2016

Thanks to data matching with Fuzzy Logic, ICRS solves more problems independently without manual user interaction.

ICRS: New Release “Astove”

3. May 2016

Astove, the new release of the metamagix.ICRS real estate and asset management system, makes the system even more efficient and flexible.

Cross-border use of ICRS in Europe

29. June 2015

ICRS, our real estate controlling and reporting system, can beat its competitors in EU-wide tenders and is already in use in several European countries.

Erste Ingatlan Kft. uses Aldabra!

11. August 2014

Erste Real Estate Ltd. Co. (Erste Ingatlan Kft.), a subsidiary of Erste Bank Hungary, has already decided to use ICRS, metamagix’s powerful, flexible and web-based software for real estate and asset management.

Hutchison Drei Austria GmbH

13. January 2014

When Hutchison Drei Austria GmbH took over the mobile network operator Orange, the real estate holdings of the two companies were consolidated—in record time thanks to metamagix’ ICRS.

metamagix.ICRS for Styria Media Group AG

10. June 2013

Another new customer, the Styria Media Group AG media group, headquartered in Graz, uses ICRS for controlling its owner-occupied corporate real estate throughout Austria.