New ICRS module for ESG rating

We have introduced the ICRS ESG module with great success. To really be able to evaluate the hot topics around ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) by means of an appropriate rating for your properties, our ESG module offers flexible and configurable question catalogs. The rating can be adjusted and improved at any time by adding investments or other items (e.g. certifications, improvements in terms of waste management or energy efficiency, bicycle parking, etc.). The focus here is on the implementation of the EU taxonomy, as well as customer-specific adaptations around recording and forms up to the import of existing Excel questionnaires. By importing the respective data into ICRS, these calculations are performed automatically. Also, a coupling with the ICRS planning module as well as the display of an own ESG section in reports is possible. By means of the ESG module, ESG ratings can be displayed aggregated on company or fund level.

Flexible adjustment of ratings

The ESG module was developed in coordination with the EU taxonomy and initiatives such as ECORE or GRESB and supports dynamic ratings adapted to usage types and scenarios. Thus, several models can be run in parallel, and parts of the rating generation can be automated by external data. The combination with the ICRS market data module, which allows an automatic evaluation of your rating, is ideal as well.

In addition, metamagix quickly creates interfaces to platforms that screen buildings and derive possible improvement measures. Use this head start to be able to manage all your real estate and ESG relevant data in ICRS.

Advantages of the ICRS ESG module at a glance

Are you considering implementing the new ICRS module in your organization? Let’s summarize the reasons why many of our customers have decided to use the new module:

  • Flexible and qualitative object evaluation with free definition of scoring models
  • Provision of historization and extensive analysis options
  • Can be coupled directly with the ICRS market data module
  • Flexible, versionable ESG rating is already integrated

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