Best of Web Conferencing Tools: Mikogo, Jitsi and Adobe Connect

Our team has tested an array of web conferencing tools last year, a self-motivated side project and experience gathering that a) comes in handy right now and b) we thought it might be useful for you as well. So, here are our top 3:

Our winner and therefore warmest recommendation is Mikogo. It is similar to the now popular conferencing tool Zoom, it does not require software installation as a participant. That’s a big plus for us because let’s face it: how many apps have you downloaded to connect with friends and family in the past two weeks? Also, Mikogo is based in Germany, so you entrust your conversations to a company based in the EU. We use Mikogo for presentations and project meetings.

If you’d rather be more self-sufficient – you never know who is listening besides your cat – Jitsi might be for you. It is a self-hosted solution, giving you full control over all data and there is the added bonus of no licensing fees. The downside: you have to manage everything yourself, including the necessary in-house infrastructure.

If, however, you are planning a large-scale, virtual conference, or webinar with many international participants or are looking for a full-service provider, we recommend Adobe Connect. Features such as “speaker line-ups” and “live voting” make calls with numerous participants an interactive event for everyone.

Here are the links to the providers:

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