Coordinating and budgeting the construction of a brand-new district with ICRS

aspern The Urban Lakeside of Vienna, located in the north-east of the Austrian capital, is one of the largest and most ambitious city development projects in Europe. The project, which won the Austrian State Prize for Architecture and Sustainability in 2019, aims to create housing and living space for more than 25,000 people. In addition, around 20,000 jobs will be created. The total investment volume amounts to roughly 5 billion euros.

As a development company, Wien 3420 aspern Development AG and its partners coordinate urban planning and the building of the infrastructure in Seestadt. Order management and budgeting are essential. So far, these have taken place in two different tools. They no longer met the requirements of the project. Wien 3420 found its match with our metamagix experts and together, we started to introduce ICRS in spring 2020. The metamagix team made adjustments to the system to meet the special challenges of urban development. Now both, order management and budgeting, are possible in ICRS for Seestadt.

“We are very happy with the ICRS solution from metamagix. It is much leaner and more intuitive than the previous solution, which consisted of two systems. With ICRS we can process the large volume of different tenders and the related budgeting quicker and easier,” says Thomas Lincz, who is responsible for controlling at Wien 3420 AG.

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