ICRS Discounted Cashflow Simulation (DCF) & NPV-calculation

  • Comprehensive module for cashflow simulation, DCF and NPV invoice for existing properties
  • Integrates financing planning at all levels and allows automatic planning


This module enables you to perform cash flow simulation in addition to DCF and NPV calculation for portfolio properties. It offers various possibilities for analysis and evaluations of the impact on companies and portfolios.

This system offers an important basis for all decisions made by asset managers and managing directors.

The module allows the forecast of future leasing cash flows through the current degree of capacity utilization and all contract data that are saved in the system. This calculation is made individually per object. There is no need for a time-consuming collection of planned data or estimations. The controlling of all scenario parameters happens directly in Excel which guarantees you maximum flexibility for all analyses.

The simulation model calculates automatically three scenarios. It is possible to quickly calculate “what if?” calculations.  Furthermore, this module includes reporting in Excel. Three different cases are carried out (best case, base case, worst case) which are combined with the cash flows out of the DCF module and are used for holistic cash flow forecasts, for object assessment and for the management of financing agendas.

In combination with the Planning & Controlling Module DCF facilitates an automated property planning possible. The forecast data can easily be implemented in the customer’s specific planning and it can be reviewed or edited if there is the need for a change.

ICRS also offers an optionally sophisticated component for loan-forecasting that is able to model and forecast financing structures and cash flows. It supports all different types of loans, interest rate calculations as well as prolongations. It can be parametrized based on different scenario parameters like interest rates and credit rating.