ICRS Risk Management

  • Implementation of AIFMD-risk-scoring
  • Fast risk assessment with extensive data



This module supports you in implementing an AIFMD risk scoring system. A fast risk assessment by integration of ICRS key figures with any market data is possible.

The ICRS Risk Management module is specifically adapted to your company’s risk potentials. Moreover, the ICRS data basis will be supplemented with additional information (e.g. cash flow data, diverse assessment value…).

ICRS supports your risk management through the integration of the market data in order to evaluate the market risks as well as through the extended representation of risk-relevant factors such as price reductions on short notice sales or available cash for measurements of Distance-to-Illiquidity ratios.

Together with ICRS portfolio data, historical performance and volatility, ICRS provides the foundation to build and execute company-specific risk management faster, sustainably and on a regular basis.