Planning & Controlling

Planning & Controlling

  • Complete planning environment including results monitoring for the managed real estate portfolio
  • Enables target/actual comparisons, balance sheets and profit and loss statements directly from ICRS

Provides a complete planning environment for importing and evaluating plan data and accounting.


  • Import and evaluation of balance lists, individual postings and backlog lists from all accounting systems supported by ICRS
  • The imported accounting systems can be assigned to one or more objects
  • Unification of a wide variety of account charts in a central model without adapting the source systems thanks to flexible and configurable mappings
  • Continuous import and identification of new accounts without support by metamagix 
  • Users can assign new accounts during the import process 
  • Import and management of plan data from planning templates or the DCF module
  • Mapping and adaptation of various plan scenarios thanks to the dynamic planning interface
  • Based on actual data or plan data generated from the DCF module, plans can be edited and finalized directly in the interface (including logging and comment function)
  • Creation of target/actual comparisons, profit and loss, balance sheets and other analyses directly from ICRS
  • Enables the comparison of accounting and rent roll data

Module DCF Simulation and NPV Calculation:

At the push of a button, the forecast calculated in DCF can be transferred to customer-specific planning where it can be edited

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