Property Management

Property Management

  • Administration of rentals and leases made easy in ICRS
  • Fulfills property management functions such as the rent rolls, invoice runs or operating bills
  • Connection to accounting systems such as SAP, BMD, Datev or Oracle

Manages letting and rental contracts, integrating all features for property management.

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From office buildings, apartments and parking lots to radio masts and ATMs: The ICRS Property Management module allows the management of leases of rentals and lettings.


Integrate all the functionalities of a property management system into your asset management platform:


  • Rent rolls and contracts (taking into account a wide range of contract terms)
  • Invoices and credit notes
  • Operating cost statements
  • Accounting interface
  • Transfer of debtors and creditors from the accounting system
  • Mapping of various contract and index conditions
  • Automatic indexing according to various indices, cut-off dates or thresholds
  • Clearance of workflows
  • Transfer and assignment of invoice scans

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