ICRS Enterprise, Operated by metamagix

The operation of ICRS is carried out by metamagix as a hosting partner. The provision, installation and ongoing support (including backup, patches, etc) of the server hardware, power and internet connection, operating system and database are carried out by metamagix.

The installation, configuration and maintenance of the ICRS system installed on the provided server system are also carried out by metamagix.


ICRS Enterprise, Self-hosted

An ICRS system hosted by metamagix can be switched to in-house operation at any time (if the same database software is used).


ICRS Express, SaaS (Software as a Service) provides limited customization and functionalities; however, you can upgrade to ICRS Enterprise/ME whenever you want.




License Comparison

 ICRS expressICRS proICRS enterprise
VersionStandard VersionCustomized VersionCustomized Version
CustomizableColor and LogoOwn Fields, Lists and FunctionalitiesOwn Fields, Lists and Functionalities
ReportsAd Hoc Reports, Expandable Standard ReportsOwn Standard Reports PossibleOwn Standard Reports Possible
ModulesLimited Selection of Modules (Standard, Planning & Controlling, Sales Pipeline)All Modules, especially ACCESS, Market Data, Cash Flow Calculation, Property ManagementAll Modules, especially ACCESS, Market Data, Cash Flow Calculation, Property Management
ServerHostedOn Premise & Hosted On Premise & Hosted
SupportHotlineHotline & Account ManagerHotline & Account Manager
UserUp to 10 UsersMore than 10 Users
Portfolio ObjectsUp to 50 Objects/2000 UnitsMore than 50 Objects
Contractual Partnermetamagix express GmbHmetamagix Software & Consulting GmbHmetamagix Software & Consulting GmbH


Software Requirements

The ICRS workstations must be equipped with Microsoft Edge or a current version of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome and MS office 2013 (or later).

No further software packages or browser plugins are required.