ICRS Enterprise

Our Enterprise license is the most comprehensive solution for very large portfolios with correspondingly extensive databases and a high number of users. If you have strict requirements for a customized solution, as well as integration and networking with other systems, ICRS Enterprise is just right for you.


ICRS Enterprise in the Cloud

Fast and no-fuss infrastructure

ICRS Enterprise in the Cloud combines the flexibility of Enterprise with the simplicity of cloud hosting. We deliver this version turnkey and take care of hosting and maintenance. Implementation is straightforward without you needing to provide any infrastructure. 

It is possible to switch your metamagix-hosted ICRS system to in-house operation at any time, as long as the same database software is used.


ICRS Enterprise On-Premise

The high-security wing

With this version, you are completely isolated from the internet, keeping full control over your infrastructure in your internal, closed environment.


ICRS Express, SaaS (Software as a Service)

The Gold Standard for small portfolios

How about getting the full quality and features of the big players in a small package? is the cost-effective entry into the ICRS world, out-of-the-box and ready to run. Easy to install at the push of a button, the standardized model offers everything you need for a smaller portfolio. An upgrade to ICRS.enterprise is possible at any time.




Choose your license

VersionStandard versionClient specific
CustomizableColour and logoIndividual fields, lists, functionalities
ReportsAd-hoc reports, extendable standard reportsIndividual standard reports possible
ModulesStandard modules, Planning & Controlling, Sales PipelineAll modules, especially Advanced Access, Market Data, DCF & NPV, Property Management
ServerHostedOn-premise & hosted
SupportHotlineHotline & Account Manager
User> 10 users
Portfolio objects> 50 objects / 2000 units
Contracting partymetamagix Express Service GmbHmetamagix Software & Consulting GmbH


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