“metamagix has completed our challenging project with a lot of special requirements, both within the planned time and the agreed budget, which makes metamagix a reliable partner in the IT industry.
During the development metamagix also supported us with very valuable contributions from their personal experience to make our database as user-friendly and easily accessible as possible”.

Martin Tamborsky, Head of EBA Commercial Real Estate, Erste Group

Since June 2018, LLB Immo KAG has been using metamagix.ICRS in its full scope. “As an investment company, high data security and reliability are essential for us. With ICRS from metamagix, we have found a system which fully meets these requirements,” explains managing director Michael Schoppe.
“Our growth of assets under management is too big to manage all portfolios manually. The reliable and secure storage and control of information and data is our top priority, “says Karin Baumgartner, Head of Risk Management. “Thanks to ICRS, we can now retrieve portfolio analyses conveniently with one single push on a button.” “This not only saves us valuable time and resources, but also simplifies the planning and coordination of all activities,” explains managing director Michael Schoppe.

Michael Schoppe, M.Sc., Managing Director, LLB Immo KAG

“ICRS acts as a central administration and controlling tool at WertInvest, which allows us to manage our real estate efficiently and to always have all information up-to-date. The individually adapted system enables direct and fast processing of tenant and rent roll information.
With ICRS, we are able to view the accounting information from our property managers which enables a permanent and timely control and analysis of all financial figures. The use of the report function allows us to carry out day-to-day analysis of the entire portfolio with only one push of a button, which serves as both, internal information and development analysis. Our thanks go to the team of metamagix who gave us the best possible support in the transition to ICRS. ”

Mag. Andrea Purkl, Head of Asset Management & Finance, Acquisition, WertInvest Beteiligungsverwaltungs GmbH

„metamagix has proven to be a reliable partner, who reacted quickly and flexible to specific requirements we had. Moreover, metamagix has quickly implemented all our requirements regarding reports, data – as well as user-interfaces. Our highly competent partner at metamagix has also been available outside the weekly meetings and has provided us with further information.“

Andreas Friedrich, Managing Director of Domicil Real Estate Group

Erste Immobilien KAG has been using metamagix.ICRS for asset and risk management since their first acquisition. “We have a claim to have the quality leadership in real estate funds in Austria,” explains CEO Peter Karl, “ICRS from metamagix has been a key component in the implementation of our quality strategy – right from day one.

Mag. Peter Karl, CEO, ERSTE Immobilien Kapitalanlagegesellschaft m.b.H.

“We are happy how ICRS supports us in our daily work and enables us to act more customer-friendly”.


Mag. Ing. Nicola Kasakoff, Head of Asset Management, SMG Facility Management GmbH, Graz

“Quick evaluation and analysis of our data has become more important than ever due to our obligation towards the capital market. We were impressed with the metamagix system because it can be integrated into our existing solutions”.

Mag. Andrea Besenhofer, Head of Group Services, Erste Group Bank AG

“We took the decision for the right software very seriously and conducted a broad evaluation of available solutions. Sal. Oppenheim has taken the decision to implement ICRS because the system clearly outperforms the competitors with its flexibility and the metamagix team accepted the challenges of the high level of customization. During the implementation project, our high expectations were met completely: the system was tailored to perfectly match our scenario – a solution we believe would not have been possible with competing systems.”

Sal. Oppenheim jr. & Cie. AG & Co. KGaA, Cologne, Germany

“Implementing a new and complex property management solution for over 4.500 objects within 3 months is an unmatched achievement.”

Marius Brandstetter, Head of Legal and Properties, Hutchison Drei Austria GmbH

“metamagix.ICRS is used at Immorent for the administration of real estate for numerous companies, a number of interfaces to the most diverse property management groups and their software systems and an international portfolio. According to Immorent, the project is running optimally, the interfaces were implemented very easily and quickly, the user interface was adapted to our requirements and new reports were adapted or reprogrammed. The interfaces for importing existing data have been constructed in such a flexible way that existing data could be incorporated relatively easily.The launch of Release 2.0 also enabled the latest technologies to be used at the front end, which are very flexible, understandable and fast. Project flow was flawless, the deadlines were all met, corrections were always carried out promptly and without red tape. Ongoing support from metamagix is without problems and the service we get is more than complete”.

Christian Kaiser, Organiser, Erste Group Immorent AG

“My Brain actually emerged from a large-scale project. We wanted to depart from the classical file server, from just storing on servers and drives. To begin with, we internally determined to stop talking about storage space and storage and talk about knowledge instead, that is, the same knowledge for all. metamagix has done a lot of preparatory work, has shown a high level of commitment and has proved to be a reliable and professional partner.”

Christoph Rössler – TBWA