In the last 20 years, the metamagix Real Estate Controlling & Reporting System ICRS has proven itself as a powerful, flexible and user-friendly solution for asset and portfolio management throughout Europe. 

Well-known companies in Austria and Germany trust in the strengths of ICRS. Among them are listed companies such as S IMMO AG, owner-managed groups such as WertInvest or DOMICIL, as well as banks such as Liechtensteinische Landesbank or Erste Group.

A central hub for all your data and processes

metamagix.ICRS is a web-based platform that maps the entire lifecycle of your portfolio, thus ensuring you keep an overview in the planning, realization, utilization, and exploitation phases in one central system. metamagix.ICRS also connects the various stakeholders and departments in your company on a common platform.

How ICRS supports you in your daily business

  • Intuitive, easily customizable web interface 
  • Automatic notifications, to-do lists, notes, images
  • Integrated document management, Google Maps
  • Data can be added or changed directly
  • Can be used anytime and anywhere on a smartphone or tablet 
  • Integrates with other systems

ICRS core system

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The best data consolidation on the market 

We need reliable data for our work and our investment decisions. We have developed our very own data connectivity concept that integrates and connects all data streams. The integrated test logic allows you to track every change in your portfolios, providing assured data quality. 

  • Automation frees 90% of resources previously needed for the ongoing data processing for your portfolio
  • Leading technology
  • Flexible in size and scope: new data sources can be connected in only two days

Integration of all data sources

Data sources such as tenant lists, rent rolls, contract data, planning figures, investments, financing, subsidies, loans, property management and accounting systems provide information in a wide variety of formats. With metamagix.ICRS, all this data is transferred, harmonized and analyzed. 

Ensuring data quality

ICRS offers automated imports and data checks, configurable alerts, and ICRS.Badger as an automation and checking tool for use with the property management partner.

So thanks to ICRS, you always know exactly which changes have been made to your data. The intelligent system also helps locate data errors and lets you add and change data directly in the system.

Available 24/7

metamagix.ICRS is completely web-based. This means that all your portfolio information is available at any time for analysis and reporting – reliable, complete and verified. You can access ICRS with any PC, tablet or smartphone without additional software. 

Our time-tested technology and our know-how ensure efficient implementation, which saves time and reduces running costs.


Reporting³ – maximum reporting power without the data chaos

You need standardized and individual reports that are up-to-date, quality-assured and ideal for further processing with familiar tools and existing know-how? No problem! The web-based system metamagix.ICRS makes this possible at the push of a button.


Direct Excel integration lets you create and process standard reports or ad-hoc analyses in Excel.


Extensive, individual dashboards, out-of-the-box and easy to use. Benefit from flexible graphical evaluations – without the need to learn and install new software.


Through dynamic high-end analyses, the browser-based analysis and data mining environment ensures the greatest possible transparency in reporting and controlling. A click of a button is all it takes to export comprehensive reports.

Add even more reporting power: the Portfolio Explorer module

It enables dynamic and browser-based high-end analyses with in-memory technology.

Portfolio Explorer module

Out-of-the-box meets customization: tailor-made for your business

The ICRS core system provides all basic features. Adjust it to your needs by complementing it with our selection of over 20 additional modules. And no matter what your individual solution looks like, it can be seamlessly integrated into your existing system landscape.

We design your very own solution with you

ICRS is the most flexible system on the market and allows for precise customization to your organization’s needs and processes.

  • Existing Excel reports can be transferred and are made available on a central database.
  • Adaptation of navigation and lists
  • Field designations, groupings and sequences for a better workflow
  • Reports and interfaces
  • Authorization groups
  • Multilingualism

ICRS core system

Discover modules

Size doesn’t matter: from start-ups to billion-euro portfolios

Manage portfolios of all sizes easily, thanks to user-friendly metamagix.ICRS. Be it large portfolios with thousands of objects and several billion euros portfolio value or smaller portfolios – they all benefit immediately from ICRS. Get started in a cost-effective way with our licensing model and profit from a flexible solution that evolves with you. As an experienced partner, we are by your side during all stages of your growth.