New Highlights: The Benefits You Need to Know About

metamagix.ICRS has a broad set of unique benefits that makes it the ideal solution for many different scenarios. Find out more about the main product highlights in this section.

Consideration of the entire life cycle of a property

Nowadays, it is more and more important to map real estate and portfolios holistically – over the entire life cycle. metamagix.ICRS offers you a platform for this, which can map over the whole life cycle. Whether planning, purchase, operation and development, or marketing of your real estate – with ICRS all phases can be centrally planned, managed and analyzed. And ICRS connects the various stakeholders and departments in your company on a common platform.

Keep an overview in the planning, realization, utilization and exploitation phases in just one system.

The best data consolidation on the market

Various data sources, such as different property management and accounting systems, provide information in a wide variety of formats. With metamagix.ICRS these data are not only transferred quickly and automatically but also harmonized and analyzed in detail in the next step. Thus, the information is not only quickly and reliably available for analysis and reporting – thanks to ICRS you always know exactly what changes have been made to your data and the intelligent system supports you in finding data errors.

Thanks to our long-term proven technology and know-how, these processes are not only implemented quickly and efficiently but also save time and reduce your running costs.

Moreover, metamagix.ICRS is completely web-based. This means that on the one hand, no installation of additional software is necessary, on the other hand, you can access ICRS from any PC, tablet, or smartphone. 

Reporting - 3 Levels

Three levels ensure that you receive comprehensive reports at the push of a button in high quality and ideal for further processing.

Direct Excel integration – this allows you to create and process your standard reports or ad hoc analyses in Excel as usual
For everyone – Comprehensive, individual dashboards provide you with flexible graphical analyses out-of-the-box and easy to use
For the experts – The Portfolio Explorer enables dynamic, browser-based high-end analyses with in-memory technology

Suitable for any portfolio size


ICRS manages large portfolios with thousands of properties and several billion euros in portfolio value. But also smaller portfolios benefit immediately from ICRS. Our licensing model allows a cost-effective entry and a solution that grows with you.

With metamagix.ICRS you are perfectly prepared for your further growth and have us as an experienced partner at your side.

Out-of-the-Box - and still the most flexible solution on the market

You can install ICRS and start directly – ICRS as a modular complete solution offers all functions you need.

At the same time, ICRS is also the most flexible system on the market, allowing you to adapt it precisely to your company and your processes instead of forcing you into a predetermined corset.

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