Real Estate and Insurance Companies, Funds, REITs

Your competitive advantage thanks to efficient processes

The rise in real estate investments increases expectations and pressure regarding investments and performance. Stricter regulations and reporting requirements use up more resources in the back office. This is exactly where metamagix.ICRS supports you, with solutions that are easy to implement and save time and money.

Data integration

Portfolio planning and management

Workflow and document management

metamagix.ICRS enables you to:

  • Access all important reports, current portfolio reports, property overview reports and cash flow data from one system
  • Provide information to investors with ad-hoc reports
  • Store, correct and manage all your data, images and documents in one web-based system

What metamagix.ICRS can do for you:

  • The central real estate platform bundles all information on your assets, from the purchase contract to the rental agreements
  • Automated consolidation of all data streams (notices of charges, property accounting, arrears) from all your property management partners in their respective countries
  • Support for operational management (vacancy management, leasing, approvals, notifications)
  • All reports, both operational and for committees and authorities
  • Property planning and target/actual comparison from a single source, including detailed income planning based on DCF forecasts if required
  • Support and simplification of your processes: acquisition, budgeting, investment planning, sale 
  • Compliance management, such as for risk monitoring and AIFMD audits

metamagix.ICRS modules for Real Estate and Insurance Companies, Funds, REITs