Market Data

Market Data

  • Import and export automatically or with Excel
  • Interfaces for Eurostat, Statistics Austria, and more
  • Automated scoring
  • Integrates market data into the ICRS database and allows linking in reports
  • Provides market data to other modules for automated location rating or market rental setup

Integrates market data into the ICRS database and allows linking to them in individual reports.

This module integrates a wide variety of market data into the ICRS database and enables the connection to individual reports. Market data can be linked with geographic identifiers (Nuts Code or country, postal code) and assigned a key date and a period, as well as an object usage. The connection to objects in ICRS is made on the basis of the geographical identifier.


The market data module allows import and export in the form of a standardized Excel list or the automated transfer of market data available via web service or other dynamic data sources. Interfaces for WKO (Austrian Economic Chambers) market data, as well as Statistics Austria and Eurostat, are available out-of-the-box. Other, more specialized import formats can be implemented as well.


The newly uploaded market data can be integrated into reports, used for automated scoring or even bundled and passed on to third-party systems. The market data to be applied in each case and its history can also be displayed in the object.


Combine this module with DCF Simulation and NPV Calculation and Scoring, Rating & ESG for automatic filing

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