Scoring, Rating & ESG

Scoring, Rating & ESG

  • The module logs security-relevant actions (e.g. successful logins, user locks) and offers extended logging for a simple system audit.
  • Historization and analysis options
  • Can be coupled with market data
  • Fields whose changes are to be logged can be defined on central data objects.

Evaluate objects with a free definition of scoring models, including flexible ESG ratings.

Free definition of scoring models 

  • Based on criteria and groups of criteria
  • Variable weightings for different property classes to evaluate the real estate portfolio



  • Recording of scores via the interface and via Excel import 
  • Scorings can be stored historically and their development can be analyzed



Scorings can be freely combined with all other key figures. Finished scoring reports in Excel can be edited without access to ICRS, for example in the course of assessments or appraisals, and later imported back into ICRS. In doing so, the new ratings contained in the report are automatically stored in the system as a new rating.


Rating options

  • Based on TeGoVa-Standard (
  • According to individual criteria groups based on the business model


Flexible scoring model for ESG ratings 

  • In alignment with the ECORE initiative and EU taxonomy 
  • Supports dynamic ratings adapted to usage types and scenarios 
  • Allows multiple parallel models 
  • Allows subsequent adjustments to criteria and calculations
  • Lets you generate parts of the rating automatically via external data such as measurement data (corresponding interfaces can be configured) 
  • Contains a release function
  • Comes in a standard configuration and can be adapted to companies and portfolios

For an automatic evaluation of your ratings, combine this module with the Market Data Module.

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