• Contact and task tracking
  • Clearly displays tenant data
  • Contract management
  • Compact CRM system, fully integrated with existing ICRS modules
  • Supports the rental process
  • Extensions for tagging, hierarchical categorization, documents, calendar view and queries of persons and companies

Extensive features and automation simplify letting processes and tenant management.

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Tenant and contract management, plus contact and task tracking in one module

  • Company and person management
  • Automatic generation of tenant records via property management imports
  • Task management with object, unit or customer reference 
  • Cost allocation
  • Import interface for companies and persons 
  • Drag-and-drop contact importation via VCF cards


Simplifies the letting process

  • Entry of rent rates, payment terms and scales, terms and options, FitOut and incentives, indexation rules and deadlines
  • Deposit planned contracts with closing probabilities and clearance in the system via workflow
  • Evaluations of the current and historical pipeline and concluded contracts
  • Rapid simulation of net operating income effect (NOI) and NPV impact for the entire property by directly linking planned contracts with the DCF module in the forecast calculation

To generate fast simulations of cash flow effects, combine this module with DCF Simulation and NPV Calculation

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