Document Management and Workflow

For years, metamagix has been designing and developing document management solutions for a broad range of applications, such as contract management, document management for project management, or multimedia data archiving.

Most solutions are enhanced by workflow functionalities to map the life cycles of documents. We routinely and reliably migrate existing storage systems and embed them into heterogeneous system landscapes.
Applications include archiving historical audio files, simultaneous control of advertising campaigns in dozens of countries and markets, or controlling a certification process. Access through a web interface, centralized management and local use have been implemented by customizing the workflow to meet the customers’ specifications.

We implement our document management and workflow solutions on the basis of Alfresco, an open-source software that is perfectly suited for customization after evaluation by metamagix and has proved to be a “well-stocked toolkit”, provided you have appropriate know-how and experience. In practice, Alfresco features ease of operation, beginner-friendliness and good integration with MS Office products.


by metamagix