Alfresco is a leading open-source enterprise content management system. Metamagix has implemented projects using Alfresco for years. The system has an ever-increasing number of features and functionalities. We have the expertise to quickly make full use of Alfresco for our customers.

Alfresco Product Components

  • Document management: Creation, acquisition, distribution and maintenance of enterprise content
  • Records management: Securing control, compliance and retention
  • Web content management: Creation, collaboration, sharing, and web publishing
  • Collaboration within the company: Creation of content, collaboration, discussion. and finding

Alfresco by Metamagix:

  • Design of document management systems
  • Embedding into heterogeneous system landscapes and migration of existing storage systems
  • Development of customized document management, rich media and workflow solutions
  • Plant management and maintenance of Alfresco solutions
  • Best Alfresco drive performance

Alfresco by metamagix was used, for example, in the My Brain project for the international agency TBWA, Vienna.

“We wanted to depart from the classical file server, from just storing on servers and drives. To begin with, we internally determined to stop talking about storage space and storage and talk about knowledge instead, that is, the same knowledge for all.”
Christoph Rössler, Head of IT, TBWA, Vienna

“Arguments for using Alfresco”

As we see it, Alfresco has the following strengths:

  • Linkage for active directory with user synchronization and authorization
  • Open source and open standards
  • Granular rights control
  • Extremely scalable
  • Built for distributed environments (replication, support of WAFS devices)

Alfresco has proven itself as an open-source document management system with direct workflow integration because it

  • is completely web-based,Alfresco
  • can be easily adapted,
  • has a fully integrated network drive,
  • has a records management system for archiving control,
  • can be flexibly adapted to meet your needs.