Productivity Derived from the Synergies

By combining the planning & controlling and DCF simulation module, you can seamlessly import simulated scenarios directly from the DCF simulation module and then edit and finalize the data in the interface.

Automate Financial Planning

The DCF simulation module eliminates the need for manually recording planning data or estimated values, saving valuable time and streamlining the process.

Numerous Scenario Parameters

If you require a more detailed simulation, the module offers a range of key scenario parameters, including construction costs, loan cashflow, tenant-specific costs and more.

Dynamic Planning Interface

Mapping and adaptation of various plan scenarios have never been easier. With the planning & controlling module, you can edit the data instantly and group the accounts imported from the DCF simulation under your own categories.

Required Products

ICRS Core System

The ICRS core system contains the most important features, interfaces and analysis options for your asset and portfolio management and fits seamlessly into your existing systems.

DCF Simulation

The module calculates three variants (best case, base case, worst case). These are used in combination with the real estate cash flows from the DCF module for comprehensive cash flow forecasts, property valuation and the management of financing.

Dashboard for an overview of the real estate portfolio

Planning & Controlling

The module provides a complete planning environment, including results monitoring for the managed real estate portfolio. At the push of a button, the forecast calculated in DCF can be transferred to customer-specific planning, where it can be edited.