Real Estate Developers

Out-of-the-box solution for all stages of real estate development

As an industry solution, metamagix.ICRS offers all the functionalities you need to calculate and finance new projects. Like no other system, metamagix.ICRS is easy to implement and can be adapted to your business, thus strengthening your market advantages.

Data integration

Project planning and management

Standardized reports

metamagix.ICRS enables you to:

  • Maintain an overview of ongoing projects by consolidating construction costs as well as financing and economic data in one central system
  • Control, document and report on sales processes
  • Develop suitable strategies based on reliable data
  • Optimize your portfolio
  • Make efficient use of your time by automating operational processes

What metamagix.ICRS can do for you:

  • The central real estate platform bundles all information of your assets, from the purchase contract to all property details
  • Automated consolidation of all data streams (notices of charges, property accounting, arrears) from all your property management partners in their respective countries
  • Property planning and target/actual comparison simplify management and optimization of the portfolio
  • Location analyses 
  • Prospect management 
  • Standardized reports such as property reports, exposés, offer documents from one central system
  • Complete reporting both operationally and for the evaluation of potential acquisitions and investments
  • Document management including approval processes
  • Management of the full financing structure and analysis together with the portfolio
  • Unit and property sales 
  • Modules for DCF calculation and automated planning of financing flows help you with investment decisions and negotiations with lenders and partners

metamagix.ICRS modules for Real Estate Developers