Private: metamagix is doing research on a “digital bulletin board”


So far, digitization and networking have played a minor role in information systems in residential and commercial properties. The “Infos@ourHouse” research project provides a promising, sustainable perspective: Interactive, gesture-controlled multimedia info displays.


Especially real estate management companies can considerably benefit from it. Information needs can be satisfied more quickly and reliably, at lower costs, by announcing specific deadlines or site information for the respective property. Moreover, the publication of general operating cost statements or current energy consumption can raise awareness and readiness for changes in action. On the displays in the entrance area, a property manager can also offer vacant apartments and other rental units in this or other properties directly from ICRS by a single click and thus quickly reduce vacancy rates at low costs.

The occupants can also benefit from a number of advantages. General information is now offered promptly, reliably and in a state-of-the-art-form. Additional information such as weather forecasts, traffic information or departure times of nearby public transportation will enhance convenience. For the future, one could imagine extending the system to include the integration of IP cameras, for example, for live display of garage entrances or other locations, to increase building safety.

The user can select content using hand gestures, which is up-to-date and hygienic. Additionally, gesture control instead of touch screen control allows the user to place the displays at a higher level, in a vandal-proof position.

Interfaces to real estate management systems―and this is where the expertise of metamagix and ICRS come into play―allow the user to display a wealth of information and ensure user-friendly system maintenance and management. Optionally, the info displays can be loaded in a concentrated form, and additional functionalities and interfaces that are already available can be used, which will minimize expenses and training periods for property managers.

“Infos@ourHouse” is designed for stable 24/7 use in residential and commercial buildings; it consists of a low-cost hardware-software combination and involves low energy costs.

Jointly with for-lan, a Viennese company specializing in IT security and IP, and the Computer Vision Lab (CVL) of the Vienna University of Technology, metamagix is doing research on Infos@ourHouse,” sponsored by the Research Agency of the City of Vienna.

Effective immediately, the system is tested in Austria. We would be pleased to welcome your company as a new research partner. Except for a small amount of work to be performed by you for power connection and installation of the monitor, no further expenses will be incurred by you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at +43 1 9902 804 and



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