One click to the strategy

“The derivation of standard strategies for real estate based on the standardized market-attractiveness competitive-advantage-matrix according to the Boston Consulting Group which offers a great tool for a supportive one-click strategy analysis for the modern portfolio manager,” describes Lasse Cziesla of the portfolio and risk management of the Federal Real Estate Agency BIG the common tool for the creation of standard strategies. One problem, however, is the simple, fast comprehensible representation of the data.

This is where metamagix comes into play – we have implemented an application for the analysis and presentation of large real estate portfolios. The data can be represented in four dimensions: with the help of abscissa and ordinate, as well as with the size of the bubble and colors, it is possible to simply display static variables in a dynamic environment and make them accessible to interpretation. Through a “multi-stage zoom function” into the matrix, cluster collections can also be viewed and analyzed visually in detail. “The requirements were that the system can be individually adapted, that there are individual settings for the strategy department that can be customized, and that the system will remain powerful and responsive, even with large amounts of data,” explains Martin Gilly, managing partner of metamagix. “Portfolio managers want to quickly analyze their assets to derive strategies based on their profiles. With our tool, they get a solid decision-making aid to answer the essential questions – which properties are core objects, which assets should I keep and which ones to sell. ”

Certainly, an automatically derived standard strategy represents only a theoretical strategy optimum. Concrete single-asset strategies are superior to the standard strategy by their direct reference to the respective property. However, the standard strategy is, among other things, a great instrument for the controlling function of the portfolio manager. Lasse Cziesla sees the implementation of the portfolio matrix by metamagix as an enriching analysis possibility: “The freedom from the analysis is virtual without limit. When configured accordingly, the system enables analyzes of self-levied rent-increase-potential in relation to the achieved total return according to IPD guidelines for partial portfolios of the asset manager in selected regions and for various financial reports. ”

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