ICRS enables automated query of land register data

Do you also need to keep land register data up to date on an ongoing basis? In Austria, it is common practice to query land register data via various online providers by entering an address or land register number and deposit number against payment. We have now created an interface that allows you to automate this query so that you are always up-to-date when changes occur.

Wide range of automated land register queries

Our customers are not only automatically informed about relevant changes in the land register through the interfaces between ICRS and various Austrian providers of land register data, we even go one step further. Because land register excerpts and ownership can also be updated, DKM maps, cadastral plans and purchase contracts can be queried automatically.

Depending on your individual settings, you can, for example, set up automatic (email) notifications, meeting invitations, information to sales tools, etc., in the event of movements in the land register that are of interest to you. In addition, the updated land register data can be promptly stored in the details of your properties managed by ICRS.

The new interface makes regular land register data queries quick and easy. Customers have already integrated the interface into ongoing processes, for example in purchase and sale situations, or for owner analysis.

The highlights of the land register query

  • The immediate creation of an object structure from the land register excerpts
  • Automation of queries to land register providers, e.g. Compass or Manz, via automated interface
  • Ongoing extraction of data, e.g. of floor areas or owners
  • Possibility of direct filing of land register documents in ICRS
  • Automated information alerts in case of changes in the land register via interfaces to notification systems and mail distribution

Have you already automated your queries? How do you use automation? Feel free to share your experiences with us by sending an email to newsletter@metamagix.net

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