ICRS.mobile - Vaše portfólio vo vrecku

Business travels, meetings, home office … nowadays it is no longer common for us to spend our working day at the office. This is why it is becoming more and more important to be able to access the most important programs and data while on the road. This is exactly why metamagix followed its vision and launched ICRS.mobile for the smartphone this summer.

ICRS.mobile can be easily installed by any customer. With the mobile ICRS version, you can retrieve the key facts about your properties anytime and anywhere. “ICRS.mobile is supposed to serve as our mobile Outlook for asset managers – the same way you have always access to your e-mails, you will always have your portfolio in your pocket,” says Martin Gilly, managing partner of metamagix.

ICRS.mobile therefore aims to offer our customers an overview of all important information even when they are on the move: properties, units, vacancies and tasks – simply all information that is related to your activities. “It was important to us to create an operational tool which would further simplify the daily work of our customers and give them the mobility they need,” Gilly explains. Just like the full version for PC and iPad, the mobile version displays all the properties with the individual units in detail as well as graphics, such as the yield history or the area distribution. An additional simplification for traveling is the Google Maps map, which automatically displays all properties in the vicinity. This handy feature is especially useful for working on-site.

One of the most important features is the uncomplicated photo upload. So it’s easy to upload new photos of properties or units instantly using the mobile tool, which is especially useful for documentation of various tasks. In order to monitor the right fulfillment of tasks easier, it is possible to upload pictures with one click. “This supports the monitoring of various activities,” continues Randolph Kepplinger, second managing partner of metamagix.

“Some of our customers have already started using the mobile version of the software and are thrilled with the flexibility and possibilities. At the same time, we are already receiving feedback on which other functions we should integrate into ICRS.mobile. This way, we are able to ensure that we are rapidly improving and further developing ICRS.mobile, based on the input from our customers. “, Gilly notes. “Customer feedback is an important component of further development.”

With ICRS.mobile, metamagix is taking the next logical step to further strengthen the ICRS ‘core competencies as a comprehensive platform for the holistic management of real estate portfolios as well as a cross-departmental tool for day-to-day work.
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