Bezproblémové pripojenie vášho softvéru k ICRS pomocou rozhraní REST API

Do you already know what REST APIs are? Then you will probably be happy to hear that metamagix.ICRS supports them. We believe that configurable REST APIs are quite important to enterprise software and workflows, so we enable them for ICRS. If you plan to integrate ICRS into your existing IT environment, this can easily be implemented using configurable REST APIs – without even requiring the assistance of our ICRS customer support. Challenge accepted?

ICRS podporuje nasledujúce štandardné funkcie REST API:

  • Zoznam
  • View detailed entry
  • Upraviť
  • Apply/Create
  • Odstrániť

You can therefore independently

  • Nastavenie rozhraní medzi podnikovými aplikáciami (napr. CRM, ERP)
  • Implement workflows with different systems, ergo RPA Robot Process Automation
  • Používanie štandardných prihlasovacích postupov, ako je napríklad OAUTH, na bezpečnejšie a jednoduchšie overovanie do služby

Use cases for REST APIs with ICRS

To illustrate their potential we have compiled some application scenarios of REST APIs between ICRS and your IT environment.

  • Podpora predaja

If you use sales management software or a CRM like Salesforce, you can automatically report any vacant unit or expiring contract to your sales team. Therefore, they can act promptly without wasting any time.

  • Automatický prenos údajov

Set up automatic data transfer between ICRS and a folder in your cloud storage (e.g. Sharepoint, Nextcloud) via REST APIs. A manual transfer is no longer necessary.

  • Automate communication processes

With REST APIs you can automate your communication processes. Reminder via chat or e-mail and the creation of tasks can now be triggered automatically.

Read more about other systems that ICRS supports and interfaces that we offer: You are welcome to let us know about any ideas for important automations so that we can incorporate them into our standard workflows at

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